Explore Intended Uses to Find your Perfect Bike

All of our bikes are categorized by intended use. Click through the intended uses to learn more about the different styles of riding. Once you find the one that best aligns with your riding style, browse the bikes within that intended use below.

Snow & Sand

Fat bikes feature massively wide tires to provide float and traction on snow, sand, and other soft surfaces.


Cross Country bikes are designed to be fast and efficient on dirt whether you're on an after-work singletrack climb or a World Cup race-course.


For riders who enjoy carving corners, clearing technical trail features, and conquering epic climbs, trail bikes emphasize versatility on a variety of terrain.

All Mountain

Big moves and big mountains are often only accessible by long, rewarding climbs; after all the hard work, all mountain bikes come into their own when the trail points down and things get scary.


From bike park laps, to World Cup downhill racing, to huge freeride lines, downhill bikes maximize control and track-smashing capabilities.

Slope & Dirt

Slopestyle and dirt-jump bikes are agile and capable at pumptracks, dirt-jumps, and the world's largest slopestyle competitions.


Weekend singletrack adventures, backcountry fireroads, and family camping trips are where our Sport XC and Sport Trail bikes excel. Get outside and Love the Ride!

Commute & Fitness

Getting around town, getting a workout in, getting out into the countryside, and getting to work on time by avoiding traffic gridlock are all great reasons to hop on your bike.

Road & CX

If you're looking to cover miles quickly, road bikes typically have skinnier tires for speed, an efficient body position, and a range of gears to ensure you can pedal up and down those hills.


Whether they're riding to school or are getting their first tracks on dirt, experiencing the thrill of riding a bike is a fundamental and healthy part of growing up.

Showing :
  • Fat Bike

    The Blizzard delivers Rocky Mountain ride quality on snow, sand, and anything else you get yourself into.

  • XC Race

    Our flagship XC-Race hardtail is the choice for World Cup racers and Strava warriors alike.

  • XC

    The Element’s aggressive geometry, point-and-shoot rigidity, and unmatched ride quality are perfect for XC racing and weekend hammerfests alike.

  • XC Trail

    With lightning quick agility, the Thunderbolt balances XC efficiency and trail capability.

  • Trail

    Set up the way we set our own bikes up, the Thunderbolt BC Edition embodies trail bike playfulness and aggression.

  • Trail

    The Instinct is a natural fit for all-day backcountry adventures and punishing marathon stage races.

  • Aggressive Trail

    The Instinct set up "BC Style"—wide bars, big tires, stiff wheels, and premium suspension.

  • Aggressive Trail

    Much imitated but never surpassed, the Altitude pushes the envelope of what a modern trail bike is capable of.

  • Enduro Trail

    The ultimate enduro race weapon for the next generation of mountain bike racing.

  • Sport Trail

    From camping trips to a fresh take on your favourite trails, the pure, classic fun of our Sport Trail hardtails is undeniable.

  • Sport XC

    Our Sport XC bikes smooth out uneven terrain and provide great rolling speed to keep you covering miles of off-road paths and trails.

  • Youth

    From riding to school to exploring trails, the Edge provides great value.

  • Youth

    Disc-brake equipped performance kids' bike — perfect for getting their first tracks on dirt.

  • Youth

    Disc-brake equipped performance kids' bike — perfect for getting their first tracks on dirt.

  • Youth

    A do-it-all kids' bike that delivers maximum value and performance.

  • Youth

    A do-it-all kids' bike that delivers maximum value and performance.