For questions about your Rocky Mountain, contact your local authorized Rocky Mountain dealer.


How do I service my bike?
Check out our Service Videos or contact your local bike shop.

How can I buy parts, accessories, & soft-goods from you guys?
We're currently building a new web-store, but in the meantime you can visit to buy parts, accessories, & soft-goods.

Can I have some stickers?
Sure! Mail us a self-addressed, stamped envelope and we'll send you some stickers.

Can I work for Rocky Mountain?
Rocky Mountain isn't hiring at the moment, but feel free to email your C.V. to

Will you sponsor me?
We're not currently accepting sponsorship requests.

Where can I get retail pricing on Rocky Mountain bikes?
Individual dealers set their own prices. To get the most accurate price in your area, contact an authorized Rocky Mountain dealer.

Do you sell bikes factory direct?
No. We only sell our bikes through authorized Rocky Mountain dealers.

What size bike is right for me?
Trying out several bikes in person will help you find the best fit for your height, body type and riding style, as everyone has different preferences in terms of fit.

Where can I find the serial number on my bike?
Your serial number is located under the bottom bracket shell. Take a moment and write this number down. You may need it for reference in the event that you require theft insurance.

What do I do if I have a warranty related question or concern?
Please review our warranty policy, then contact the Authorized Dealer who sold the bike or frame. If this business no longer carry or exists, please contact the closest Rocky Mountain Dealer near you. Bring the bike to that dealer for inspection and make sure to provide a copy of the original sales receipt for proof of original ownership.

What tire pressure should my "plus" sized tires be?
Plus tires like those found on the Pipeline and Sherpa are very sensitive to tire pressure. Please follow this guide as a starting point and adjust to your personal preferences and terrain from there.

Who can answer my questions about the Web Store, including apparel size, order status, shipping, etc.?
Please email for any questions regarding

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at Please allow for a 48-hour repsonse time esppecially with questions sent over the weekend. Thank you for your understanding.