Jesse Melamed


The Jank Files - Episode 1

April 12, 2019

Lange Flüge, technische Trails und die ganze Woche Training im Sonnenschein, aber zum Rennen regnet es dann. Außer als extrem anspruchsvoll lässt sich Enduro am besten so beschreiben, dass man über den ganzen Irrwitz lacht und die Dinge beim Namen nennt. Es ist ein ziemliches Durcheinander. Es ist fast unmöglich, deinen Flow zwischen Reisen, Training und Renntagen zu finden. Aber wenn du es schaffst und schließlich alles zusammenkommt, dann wird es zu einer der tollsten Arten, Rad zu fahren.

Dies ist das zweite Jahr für das Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team mit Jesse Melamed, Rémi Gauvin und Andréanne Lanthier Nadeau am Start für eine ganze EWS-Rennsaison. Mit Rückenwind vom letzten Jahr sind sie beim Navigieren technisch schwieriger Trails, den Janks, zu Experten geworden und haben den Flow mit einem starken Start in die Saison 2019 offiziell erreicht.

Von tiefen Rinnen und Dschungellianen über Skateboard-Sessions im Hinterhof zu DJing am Race-Pit ist dies Episode 1 von The Jank Files.

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Gefilmt von Caldwell Visuals
Fotos von Dave Trumpore

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Zurück Highlights Rückkehr nach Riva Seit 1994 gilt das Bike Festival in Riva del Garda als inoffizieller Start der Bike-Saison in Europa, und wir sind schon von Anfang an dabei.
Vor Highlights The Coastal Collaboration The Coastal Collaboration is a technical apparel line designed around function and high performance.

The Jank Files - Episode 2

June 10, 2019

Lange Anreise, kurzer Aufenthalt – das Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team war auf Stippvisite in Madeira. Bei acht Stunden Zeitverschiebung zu Vancouver und den heißen Inseltemperaturen waren alle etwas im Tran – und das schon vor dem rauen Ride durch zerklüftete Felsabschnitte und lose Spitzkehren.

Von gnadenlosen Race-Tracks und Gesprächen mit Papageien über frisch geschnittene Haare bis hin zu einer komischen Mütze für Jesse – hier ist Episode 2 von The Jank Files.

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Gefilmt von Caldwell Visuals
Fotos von Dave Trumpore

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Zurück Highlights Thomas Vanderham – Von The Collective bis zu Return to Earth The Collective und Anthill Films haben in den letzten 15 Jahren sieben abendfüllende Mountain-Bike-Filme gemacht, und Thomas Vanderham war immer dabei.
Vor Highlights Süße Flucht Für uns war die Fahrt durch bekannte Viertel eine willkommene Rückkehr zum Alltag. Die zurückgelegte Tour hat ihre Spuren hinterlassen und war genau das, was wir alle brauchten. Dieser Tag ist das perfekte Beispiel dafür, weshalb Bikes das ultimative Tool für ein modernes Abenteuer sind.

Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team

February 01, 2018

We're very excited to return to the Enduro World Series in 2018 and announce the formation of our new Canadian partnership with Race Face Performance Products. We're incredibly proud to form the Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team, and to tackle a full season of racing with passion, drive, and dedication.

EWS Team
Our two brands have a deep history together that began in 1993. When freeride was born Rocky Mountain and Race Face were there, under the same roof, meeting the needs of demanding North Shore riders. Now, 25 years later Race Face is making some of the best components in the world, and we're honored to be officially reunited through our EWS team partnership.


Jesse Melamed

EWS Team


  • 12th EWS Series Overall Ranking
  • 1st EWS Whistler, Canada

I'm excited to start a new chapter of this team, with Race Face on board to strengthen the Canadian vibe. I'm really looking forward to working closely with another local brand that shares my passion and roots. The crash I had in Finale Ligure at the end of last season was a tough one to recover from, but I've been training hard and am confident I am going to come into the first race strong!" - Jesse Melamed

Remi GauvinEWS Team


  • 8th EWS Series Overall Ranking
  • 5th EWS Whistler, Canada

"Partnering up with Race Face and their strong Canadian roots is something that is unique to the EWS and exciting for myself. I'm really looking forward to getting things kicked off in South America in a few weeks, traveling with Jesse, ALN, our new crew of mechanics and Team Manager! This off season has been really productive for me, and I feel super-strong coming into the first round." - Remi Gauvin



  • 11th EWS Series Overall Ranking 
  • 3rd EWS Wicklow, Ireland

"I feel really happy and at home with our team for 2018. With such a good set up, it really is a bittersweet feeling to be sidelined for the two first rounds with a wrist injury. With the team supporting me, the matter at hand is to regain my maximum shred capacity to join the party ASAP. I look forward to seeing us evolve as a team this season and to enjoy not only the racing but the whole vibe." - ALN

Rocky Mountain Bicycles R amp D CentreEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamEWS TeamWe would also like to extend a huge thank you to the team sponsors!
Team Sponsors

Zurück Highlights Altitude Powerplay now available in Canada We first launched the Altitude Powerplay™ in Europe back in July, and after an incredible season abroad, we’re proud to bring it home and announce its availability in Canada.
Vor Highlights Resolutions So, what does it take to race hard plus earn an Economics or Kinesiology degree in the off season? Teamwork and resilience. The Rocky Mountain/7mesh riders know that success means more than lung capacity and enlarged quads. It’s a life balance only helped further by sticking together, and shaming each other about eating cookies.

Shift in Perspective

October 30, 2017

The freedom that comes from riding two wheels is like no other. From the first time that you rolled past the end of the driveway, to the most recent ride on your favourite singletrack trail. The evolution of how you ride will change, but your love for the ride never should. Wade Simmons and Jesse Melamed are generational masters of our sport and are driven to push their own limits using new technologies to help ride trails in a new light. pipeline

"My motivation in mountain biking has always been to find creative lines and link uber-tech sections with fluidity. Having up to this point ridden 2.3–2.5 tires for 20+ years, I know the limitations. Now with the addition of the plus tire, I find my line choices evolving and that’s awesome to me!" —Wade Simmons pipeline
Creativity has always kept things fresh for Simmons. On the trail, he makes things happen that simply shouldn’t be possible, all while navigating extremely technical terrain with ease. He’s always been this way. Looking back at his segment in “Shift,” a breakout role for a much younger Godfather, it’s always been about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. pipeline

It’s become apparent to me that the big advantage of running plus tires is the ability to maintain momentum and speed over rough terrain. The tires eat rough for breakfast! It can be a bit more finicky dialing in the tire pressure, but once you find the right balance, it's game on."—Wade Simmons pipeline

Jesse is laser-focused, and his race results against the World’s fastest are proof. He knows when to go for it, and anyone who’s ridden with Jesse will attest that he’s all-in once his tires hit the trail. Commitment is in his character, and being able to unlock and tap into unconventional lines has set him apart at the EWS and back home in Whistler.

"Running plus tires is great for reminding me there is more than one way to see a trail. It opens my mind to what’s possible and helps me visualize the different lines when practicing for an EWS race.”—Jesse Melamed pipeline

"Riding the all-new Pipeline is like riding any new bike, it's fun and exciting! I like to jump around and play with the trail, and the Pipeline lets me get away with landing in even the roughest sections and calling it a “landing”. Every time I get away with riding a stupid line, it motivates me to find another one. It's my favorite way to ride a bike, and a trail." —Jesse Melamed pipeline
The all-new Pipeline has 140mm of rear travel, 10mm more than the previous version. Being able to fine-tune the geometry and rear suspension of the bike is made possible by the Ride-9 Adjustment System embedded on the link. Jesse, who is known for charging hard and as fast as possible, has his Ride-9 set to Position 1 which is the slackest and most progressive setting. Wade, who loves a supple top end and a bit more linear feeling suspension, prefers his Pipeline in Position 3.

"Jesse shreds, I love riding with that guy! He puts a smile on my face because he reminds me of myself when I was younger; just bouncing around on his bike trying stupid things. He’s who I would consider being a “true” mountain biker, someone who enjoys all aspects of riding. When we ride together we constantly challenge each other, and session sketchy features and fool around... this is what mountain biking is all about!" —Wade Simmons


Presented by Rocky Mountain Bicycles
Featuring the all-new Pipeline

A Film by Max Berkowitz
Featuring Wade Simmons & Jesse Melamed
Edited by Max Berkowitz
Typography by Mike Taylor
Photography by Robin O’Neill

Zurück Highlights Wade Simmons' Pipedream Built on the projections of the future and a fondness of the past, this is a story of Wade Simmons’ Pipedream.
Vor Highlights In the Valley of the Sun Stretching through high mountain meadows and down deep winding valleys, Thomas Vanderham and Sam Schultz set out with their sights set on singletrack.

Das neue Pipeline

August 23, 2017

Das brandneue Pipeline verspricht dank der Kombination aus Plus-Reifen und einem aggressiven Trail-Chassis auf technisch anspruchsvollem Gelände Fahrspaß pur.

Der hintere Federweg des neuen Rahmens wurde auf 140mm erhöht, weist eine höhere Steifigkeit und optimierte Dämpferkinematik bei effizienterem Pedalieren auf, verbessertes Ansprechverhalten und natürlich die Merkmale der nächsten Generation. Erhältlich in Carbon oder Aluminium, ist das Pipeline in der Lage, mühelos über rutschige Wurzeln zu rollen, Steinfelder umzupflügen, und findet dabei nahezu grenzenlose Traktion bei schwierigsten Anstiegen.

Begrenzte Stückzahlen und Größen sind ab dem 24. August verfügbar. Allgemeine Verfügbarkeit ab Mitte/Ende Oktober. Bitte wendet Euch zur Vorbestellung an Euren Rocky Mountain Händler. Regionale Verfügbarkeit kann variieren.

„Mit seinen Plus-Reifen lässt das Pipeline meiner Fantasie freien Lauf, was alles auf den Trails möglich ist. Ich kann mit ihm all die verrückten Sachen machen, die ich mir vorstellen kann.“ - Jesse Melamed

Einsatzgebiet: Aggressive Trail
Laufradgrösse: 29" (27.5+ ready)
Vorderradfederung: 140mm
Hinterradfederung: 140mm

Verbessertes Ansprechverhalten

Wir haben die allgemeine Progression und die Unterstützung des Negativfederweges („Sag“) erhöht und zugleich die Stoßempfindlichkeit verbessert. Höhere „Anti-Squat“-Werte verbessern die Treteffizienz erheblich.


Umfassende evolutionäre plattformübergreifende Updates enthalten Features wie geschraubte Achsen, einseitige Kugellagerzapfen, integrierte „Spirit Guide“-Kettenführung, Boost-Naben und Kompatibilität für Dämpfer mit metrischen Einbaulängen.

Überarbeitetes RIDE-9™ System

Unser RIDE-9™ System bietet ein großes Spektrum an Rahmengeometrie- und Federungseinstellmöglichkeiten; es ist vom Rahmen in die Federungsverbindung umgezogen, um ein leichteres und schmaleres Design zu ermöglichen.

Progressive Rahmengeometrie

Um Kontrolle und Abfahrtsfähigkeiten hinzuzufügen, haben wir die Länge erhöht, den Steuerwinkel verringert und das Tretlager abgesenkt. Wir haben die kurzen Kettenstreben bewahrt, um das Bike agil zu halten und einen moderat steilen Sitzwinkel eingesetzt, um eine bessere Anstiegsleistung zu gewährleisten.



Technische details

  • Höhere „Anit-Squat“-Werte für bessere Treteffizienz
  • 29” Wide Trail und 27,5+ kompatibel
  • Die maximale Reifenfreiheit liegt bei 27,5 x 2,8 (3,0 mit Niedrigprofilnoppen) und 29 x 2,6
  • Lager in allen Gelenken, untere Stoßdämpferbrücke eingeschlossen (auch kompatibel mit Sekundärmarkt-Dämpfern)
  • Blinddrehpunkte maximieren die Bodenfreiheit
  • Leichtere, gepunzte Hinterachse
  • Verbesserte Kabelführung: Große Steuerrohröffnungen, durchgängige Schaltzughülle, große Unterrohr-Zugangsöffnung, innenliegende Schalt- und Bremszüge im vorderen Rahmendreieck
  • Zukunftssichere Kompatibilität mit Di2, Fox Live und Vario-Sattelstützen gleichzeitig
  • Alle Pipeline Modelle verfügen über den FSA extend-Omatic Steuersatz. Zusätzlich wird eine zweite (kürzer) untere Lagerschale mitgeliefert, welche dem Fahrer ermöglicht auch auf 29” Laufräder umzusteigen und das ohne eine Veränderung des Fahrverhaltens und den Austausch der Federgabel.
  • Sattelstützenlänge wurde angepasst um längere Vario-Stützen aufnehmen zu können
  • Kettenstreben- und Unterrohrschutz
  • Integrierte “Spirit Guide” Kettenführung, mit 2-Bolzen ISCG05
  • Erhöhte Hauptlagerstützbreite verlängert die Lagerlebensdauer und erhöht die Rahmenstabilität
  • Geringere Schritthöhe
  • Deutlich steifer, dank einteiliger Sattelstrebe, neue Hülle und aktualisierte Carbonschichtung (47.7% höhere seitliche Steife)
  • Kompatibel mit modernen Teilen (Boost Naben, metrische Dämpferlängen, 180mm Bremsen nachrüstbar, etc.)
  • Alle Rahmengrößen bieten Platz für eine Trinkflasche im vorderen Rahmendreieck, auch mit Dämpfern mit Ausgleichsbehälter
  • Rahmengrößen: SM bis XL
  • Gewicht:
    • Rahmen & Dämpfer: 5,09 lb (2310 g), bei Rahmengröße M
    • Schutz, Kettenführung & Achse: 0,57 lb (260 g)
    • Pipeline Carbon 70 komplett: 29,1lb (13,2kg), bei Rahmengröße M



Um unsere Produktpalette klarer zu beschreiben, haben wir die Namensgebung unserer Bikes geändert. Was einst Pipeline 970 MSL war, heißt jetzt Pipeline Carbon 70 und was Pipeline 950 war, ist jetzt Pipeline Alloy 50. Der Pipeline Rahmen besteht weiterhin aus hochwertigem Smoothwall™ Carbon und FORM™ Aluminium und höhere Spezifikationsnummern bedeuten weiterhin bessere Teile.

Fahrer: Jesse Melamed
Foto: Margus Riga
Ort: Whistler, BC
Fahrer: Jesse Melamed
Foto: Margus Riga
Ort: Whistler, BC
Fahrer: Jesse Melamed
Foto: Margus Riga
Ort: Whistler, BC

Begrenzte Stückzahlen und Größen sind ab dem 24. August verfügbar. Allgemeine Verfügbarkeit ab Mitte/Ende Oktober. Bitte wendet Euch zur Vorbestellung an Euren Rocky Mountain Händler. Regionale Verfügbarkeit kann variieren.

Das neue Pipeline

Zurück Highlights In the Valley of the Sun Stretching through high mountain meadows and down deep winding valleys, Thomas Vanderham and Sam Schultz set out with their sights set on singletrack.
Vor News Das neue Instinct und Instinct BC Edition Fahrstabil und aggressiv, das Instinct ist unser vielseitigstes Trail Bike.

Altitude Sickness — Highs & Lows at EWS #5: Winter Park, Colorado

August 06, 2014

Photography by Matt Wragg. Words by Isabeau Courdurier.

After a season opener in Chile and several races in Europe, the Enduro World Series traveled to the North American continent. At over 10 000 feet of elevation in Winter Park, Colorado, this race promised to be one of the most physically challenging races of the season. Having endured nearly 36 hours of travel hell, the Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally Team got back together in Denver, but without bikes. Three days before a race, that’s cutting it a little too close for comfort, and the Denver airport had several very pissed off Frenchies in it.

Once in Winter Park, we met the rest of the team: Peter from Alaska, Jordan from Whistler, and Francesco from Chile. Eventually our bikes arrived.


Warming up normally gives you an idea of how painful a race is going to be, and I was already worried for Stage 1. This flat stage was a massacre for me! The rest of the guys struggled as well, with only Flo and Jesse ranking in the top 30.

On the more technical Stage 2 we made up some time, but at the end of the day our results were still disappointing: Flo in 16th, Jesse in 21st, and Alex and Peter both needing to push harder to break into the top 50.


Stage 3 began with a steeper, rocky section that suited me quite well, but it was followed by a long, flat, pedal section where I struggled to maintain the gains I had made. Stage 4 was very short, with no climbs, and I earned my first stage podium of the season - 3rd!

It’s hard to breathe at this altitude, and the terrain is very different from what we are used to racing. While Jesse had a solid day—9th, 14th, and 6th—, both Flo and Alex struggled to maintain their form.

By Stage 5, we were all exhausted. Alex crashed because he “saw two trees when there was only one,” and I slipped back to 7th place on the stage. Despite this, we improved our results as a team today, the toughest day of the race.


Stage 6 was a controversial one for racers. Lots of us felt that the flat, smooth, XC course at 10 000 feet was not up to the standard that has been set by the many excellent EWS stages this year. Already out of my element, I missed some tape and ended up going off-course, costing me even more time on this stage. Everyone else was able to push through and maintain their positions.

Finally, the 7th and final stage of the weekend was on Trestle Downhill—by far the most technical and aggressive stage of the weekend! Definitely the best way to end the race. We all have solid runs, with Flo taking 6th, Jesse 10th, Alex 18th, and Jordan 30th. I was really happy with my 7th place on the stage.

After a brutal weekend, our Canadian Jesse was the fastest on the team here with a well-deserved 15th place overall. Going forward it’s clear that our young team needs to strengthen itself to threaten the podium when the races are physical, especially at altitude. We are also gaining experience of how to manage energy and maximize time gains.

Next, we visit Jesse’s hometown of Whistler to enjoy some of the best riding in the world. These two weeks there are going to be full of adventures and fun times, and we’re all looking forward to the Crankworx stop of the Enduro World Series!


The team rides the Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL Rally Edition, with Shimano components and footwear, Maxxis tires, Stan's NoTubes wheels, Fox premium suspension, and Raceface cockpits. The team wears Urge bp Archi Enduro and Endur-O-Matic helmets, and is also supported by the following key sponsors: Royal Racing Clothing, 7 IDP Protection, WTB Saddles, Smith Optics, Cane Creek headsets, e13 chainguides, Honey Stinger energy gels, Kicking Horse coffee, FTI Consulting, and Val d'Allos ski resort.

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Vor News Gully Storms the Castle Geoff Gulevich was a man on a mission to storm the castle at the 2014 Suzuki Nine Knights in Livigno, Italy.

The Altitude Enduro Team Tastes Enduro World Series Racing

July 30, 2013

The Rocky Mountain Altitude Enduro Team is fresh off its first Enduro World Cup race at Winter Park, Colorado.

The team of Jesse Melamed (21, Whistler, BC), Kevin Soller (25, Breckenridge, CO), and Peter Ostroski (24, Intervale, NH) is captained and mentored by Olympian and Canadian cycling icon Andreas Hestler. They’ve landed several top ten finishes in the North American Enduro series’, and their sights are firmly on the North American Enduro World Series events.

The Colorado Freeride Festival, held at the Trestle Bike Park, played host to the first ever Enduro World Series event in North America. With 151 pro men taking the line, including experienced professionals from Europe, this was a rigorous test for the Altitude Enduro Team’s young development riders.

Five timed stages ranging in time from 5 to 11 minutes put the riders through rough, rocky descents and over bike park jump trails at an elevation of over 10, 000 feet. Dark thunderclouds peppered day one with hail, and the daily heavy showers kept the stages tacky, difficult, and yet super fun.

After racing as an individual for the last couple of years, I am stoked to be part of a fresh new team. Being part of something that we do as a collective just keeps the riding fun”. — Kevin Soller

“This event showed me that I can be competitive on an international level, and doing it at the first World Cup in North America, wow! I’m motivated to grow with this new discipline and can’t wait for the next one in Whistler.” — Peter Ostroski

Jesse Melamed posted some impressive results with a 16th, 18th, and a 23rd, but the flat tire on stage 3A cost him a crack at the overall top 20. Peter Ostroski was consistent all weekend long with a 38th overall. Kevin Soller crashed hard on stage one and gained ground all weekend long to finish a respectable 71st.

With Round 5 of the Enduro World Series in Whistler BC only two weeks away, the team is looking forward to some competition on home soil. Feeling comfortable pushing World Cup speeds and knowing that they can mix it up with the top racers in the world will provide even more confidence heading into the later part of the season.

The Rocky Mountain Altitude Enduro Team is presented by Shimano, Kazlaw, DLD Financial and BC Bike Race. The team rides Rocky Mountain Altitude bikes equipped with Shimano, Fox, Race Face, DT Swiss, and Continental componentry, and wears Sombrio clothing and Ryders eyewear.

Race photography courtesy Brad Torchia and Trestle Bike Park. Team photography by Margus Riga.

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