Pinkbike's first look at the new Thunderbolt

March 26, 2018

"It certainly doesn't feel like a cross-country bike – it's not intended to – but it does have the pedaling potency that Rocky's bikes are quickly becoming known for...rear suspension is efficient, as expected, and it feels a lot like 130mm should feel; it's supple on top despite the on-power competence, but is much, much more forgiving than bikes sporting just 10mm less squish." - Mike Levy, Pinkbike Technical Editor

Pinkbike's Mike Levy was one of a select few journalists to get an advance look at our new Thunderbolt. Head over to Pinkbike to see the rest of his initial impressions. 

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Hestler Talks Thunderbolt MSL

April 01, 2015

Andreas Hestler has a long pedigree of winning at the highest levels of XC racing. These days he's still smashing the pedals, but he's also enjoying the modern diversity of trails and definitely hammers on the descents.

Pinkbike sat down with him to chat Thunderbolt MSL, and it's clear that the lightweight, playful 120mm bike is right in his wheelhouse.

"We've had a really mild winter up here in the Pacific Northwest, and I've been loving my Thunderbolt out in the slop. It's snappy as hell and I'm excited to put it through its paces all year."

— Andreas Hestler

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