Audrey Duval

Audrey Duval is the founder of Shred Sisters,

Shred Sisters are a group of passionate women dedicated to improving your mountain biking skills in a fun and safe environment. We provide high quality teaching lead by the best local coaches. We are committed to your learning!

Part of Audrey’s love of mountain biking comes from the community and friendship that the sport encourages—which is also the centre of her formation of Shred Sisters. Audrey is a driven individual with an active entrepreneurial spirit and what she likes to call “French stubbornness”. Hailing from Quebec where she was in love with road biking, Audrey moved to the Rockies about ten years ago. Audrey hopped on a mountain bike and never looked back. She is settled currently in Golden, BC, travelling a lot throughout Alberta and the Kootenay's. In her riding, the thirst for challenges keeps Audrey driven to push her limits each time she rides, tackling technical downhill terrain and sailing down lines she wasn’t able to ride before. The sport offers Audrey freedom in so many forms: the ability to meet new people, explore new scenes, and the fact that she can hop in her car and travel short distances to so many incredible biking spots. Biking is a not just a sport to Audrey—it’s a foundation and way of life.

You can follow Audrey twice! @duvalaudrey and @shred_sisters