Sam Schultz

Sam Schultz was a XCO World Cup mountain bike racer that achieved impressive results, such as reaching the 2012 Olympics on London. However, the demand that training put on his body wasn't something that his back was pleased with, and a nagging injury forced Sam to take time away from racing. Taking some time to adjust, and recently feel out his ability to push the limit again in select races like BC Bike Race, Sam is now happy to roam for loam, travelling in his van with trusty trial pup, Pancho. He finds himself riding in areas of interest or where friends might meet-up, connecting the dots between running riding camps, on gravel, road, and mountain, for The Cycling House; as well as fitting in bucket list races, and making trips home to develope Montana's soon to be established NICA league. Sam is smooth and skilled on a bike, and sports a mean head of hair!