Taylor Heanny

Taylor lives in sunny Southern California, where his passion for mountain biking began. Armed with only a shovel, he used to follow his father into the hills to build trails for the local mtb scene. Over 15 years later, Taylor is still out in the hills shaping the dirt into berm filled creations.

Recently his trail building has taken him down to Central America to grow the sport and “Spread the Trail”. He loves the Honduran culture, and takes every chance he gets to visit and expand the trail network he helped build with the help of the local Flow Diggers.

Taylor’s riding skills were recognized by his local shop Ridgeline Service, who quickly encouraged him to begin racing. He will be racing a combination of EWS qualifying events, and local Enduro races to sharpen his skills, and hopefully qualify to compete at Northstar EWS 2019. Whether he’s riding a home-made trail creation, or a rocky Enduro stage, Taylor’s Instinct provides him with the versatility to tackle any terrain.