Trail Trybe

Trail Trybe is a mountain bike camp and club for kids in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec that seeks to accomplish two missions; Grow the riding culture in the local area and share the positive values of mountain biking with the youth.  

The mountainous region of Mont-Tremblant has a vast and untapped potential when it comes to mountain biking. Trail Trybe is trying to grow the mountain bike culture from the ground up. The Trybe believes that getting kids stoked on riding mountain bikes will create a momentum that will lead to more trails, greater knowledge of mountain bike culture in the community and a demand for more cycling infrastructure. Trail Trybe accomplishes this mission by offering kids the best experience possible and by creating an image that showcases the exciting culture of mountain biking. 

Exploration, adventure, pushing physical limits and a strong sense of community. These are the fundamental values that Trail Trybe believes lead to a happy and fulfilling life. Luckily mountain biking is the best way of sharing these values because the Trybe is hooked on bikes! Trail Trybe strives to teach these values to the youth through a well designed and unforgettable experience. From the rides that are organized to the coaches that work at the camp to where they stop for lunch, everything is designed to help the youth embrace these values and carry them forward through their lives.