40th Anniversary

Sweat the Details - Dan's 1996 Altitude

May 21, 2021

From Germany to the east coast of Canada, Dan's 1996 Altitude made the cut of belongings that were coming with him when starting his new adventure on a new continent.

This is my beloved Altitude from 1996 (15th Anniversary edition).
As a boy, I always loved biking, especially BMX. When I was 15 (1987), the first Mountain bikes came out in Germany and I loved this kind of sport immediately. I lived in Leverkusen (close to Cologne) and nearby we had some beautiful forests with hills to climb and to go down. I started biking on a Raleigh, then got a Scott and later on a Diamondback. Bikes from the USA and Canada have always had some magic for bikers in Germany. In the bike magazines that I read; I fell in love with Rocky Mountain bikes. And at age 24, I finally broke the bank and got a Rocky Mountain Altitude frame from 1996 (15th Anniversary edition) at my local bike shop
Even though I liked my other bikes a lot – the Rocky was exceptional. The riding was amazing. The frame is a Tange Prestige Ultimate Superlight with Ritchey chainstays. Man, this bike was fast and climbed like a goat. I treasure it so much.
In 2003, I moved to Canada. And I sold almost everything I owned. But I would never sell the Rocky. So, the Altitude travelled with me – back home to Canada – where it was originally built.
I still ride it today. It's still fast and climbs as ever but it’s a bit comfier (cane creek seat post suspension, RockShox Recon, full XT, German Magura hydraulic brakes. Thank you, Rocky Mountain, for building bikes that stay with you forever. I love the ride!
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