The Jank Files - Season 2, Episode 2

October 02, 2020

The racing season hit hard and fast when it finally made its debut. Starting with Zermatt in the last week of August and finishing with two races in Italy, Pietra Ligure and Finale Ligure, before the end of September. The 2020 season was a flash in the pan packing a lot of action into just a few weeks.

Riders around the world were on the “hurry up and wait” program this year, and Jesse Melamed, Rémi Gauvin, and Andréane Lanthier Nadeau were no different. Even by mid-August, they were unsure whether or not they’d be making the trip over to Europe to race, and in the final weeks before Race 1, they went all in and boarded a plane.

Jesse said it best with, “We’re back in Italy. We’re back living off gelato.” Filmed in both Pietra Ligure and Finale Ligure, this is Episode 2 of The Jank Files.


Filmed by Caldwell Visuals
Photos by Kike Abelleira

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