Live Like the Kids

November 19, 2020

The early teenage years are both a challenging and formative time for everyone. It’s a time of discovery, new direction, and finding your passion, all while under the limitations of lacking a driver’s license, having a curfew, and learning trigonometry. Jesse Munden and Dane Jewett both discovered riding at a young age and are all-in when it comes to big hits and road trips – so long as they can get a ride from their parents. Dane and Jesse are both young riders who are lucky enough to be growing up in two of BC’s best riding zones.

Dane calls the lush coastal rainforest and towering granite slabs of Squamish home, while Kamloops is Jesse’s stomping ground, known for its fast and dusty conditions, with perfectly sculpted lips and freeride lines. Both locations hold their own special spot in freeride history.

This summer, the two had the opportunity to jump in their parent’s vehicles, link up, and get the local's tour of the other's favourite trails. Watch Live Like the Kids to see that the future of freeride is bright.

Video by Lone Wolf Productions

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