40th Anniversary

That time I got my first Rocky Mountain…

April 26, 2021

That time when I was 15 years old and purchased my first Rocky Mountain Blizzard frame. The process included cutting lawns, miscellaneous manual labour, and an obsession with Rocky Mountain bikes. Posters of Andreas Hestler lined my bedroom walls which included his famous Cactus Cup win of 1996. I wanted to be like “Dre” and dreamed of one day being part of the Rocky Mountain family. This photograph reminds me of when the excitement started and the 25 years of commitment to Rocky Mountain. Cheers to a great 40 years. We share the same vintage of 1981! Here’s to another great 40. 

Photo: Island cup Junior expert race at Burnt Bridge Vancouver Island. Note my mother sewed a Rocky Mountain patch onto a Polartech vest!

Previous 40th Anniversary Vaea Verbeeck's 2018 Altitude For its first trip, I took it to New Zealand which was my first time in this dreamy country that I now call my home away from home. That added to how special it made this bike for me. It was also part of a shift in my career; veering off of world cup downhill racing and starting to lean towards Crankworx events.
Next 40th Anniversary That time we got Riga'd trying to find Tenquille Lake. In spring 2016, while shooting for Shoulder Season Shred's photo epic & story, ALN, Thomas, Margus, and myself headed to Pemberton to explore the meadows around Tenquille Lake. After a decent drive up and hike-a-bike, we came to a trail intersection.