40th Anniversary

That time we got Riga'd trying to find Tenquille Lake.

April 23, 2021
In spring 2016, while shooting for Shoulder Season Shred's photo epic & story, ALN, Thomas, Margus, and myself headed to Pemberton to explore the meadows around Tenquille Lake. After a decent drive up and hike-a-bike, we came to a trail intersection. Either head straight into the trail we had planned on shooting or go up another 2km to reach Tenquille Lake. Margus thought the cabin up top would be a pretty sweet spot for part of the shoot. We all wanted to see the lake and cabin up in the alpine, so we changed the plan and headed up.
After pushing our way through the snow for a while, ALN looked down at her GPS and noticed that we had gone past the 2km mark and there was no sight of a lake or cabin.  It was a bit of a head-scratcher, and eventually, we had to turn around.  As we were backtracking in the snow, Thomas explained to ALN and me that we had just been Riga’d. Apparently, we’re not the first to get lost while on a shoot with Margus Riga. It felt like we had just joined the club.
This wouldn’t have been a Margus Riga trip without getting a little Riga’d. Oh! And I should mention that ALN checked her GPS later on and could see Tenquille lake on the map! It was there, just past where we had stopped and turned around. Shoulder Season 2.0 awaits...  
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