40th Anniversary

That time when a childhood dream came true.

April 28, 2021

That time when a childhood dream came true, and I joined the Rocky Mountain freeride team. Growing up in British Columbia, Rocky Mountain was a staple brand, and joining forces was a standout memory for sure!!

Alex Volokhov Slayer

Alex Volokhov Maiden

Alex Volokhov Rocky Mountain Freeride Team


Previous 40th Anniversary Alex Volokhov's 2007 Switch 2.0 "This was my first high-end, proper dual-suspension mountain bike. It will always hold a special place the memory bank. Watching the guys ride these bikes in the movies made me want one more than anything. Few summers of working my butt off in between grade school and the dream came true."
Next 40th Anniversary Vaea Verbeeck's 2018 Altitude For its first trip, I took it to New Zealand which was my first time in this dreamy country that I now call my home away from home. That added to how special it made this bike for me. It was also part of a shift in my career; veering off of world cup downhill racing and starting to lean towards Crankworx events.