Coastal Collaboration


The Coastal Collaboration

April 04, 2019

The “Coastal Collaboration” partnership with Squamish-based apparel company, 7mesh, first kicked off in 2017. We're excited to work with another local BC-brand, especially one whose technical apparel is designed around function and high performance. We’re also proud to share our BC backyard for product testing and development.

When 7mesh first debuted their line in 2015, it took less than a year before we began discussions about an apparel collaboration. The “Coastal Collaboration” made its debut in spring 2017 with a couple of trail riding pieces and performance oriented XC gear, while being put to the test by our 7Mesh sponsored Factory XC team riders and office staff. The design elements on all pieces are inspired by the Coastal Mountains – both of our company’s backyard. From there, we continued to work on our small offering while also using their outerwear for our staff apparel for when we’re testing new bikes, out for a ride at lunch or getting riders set up at a demo event.

We wanted to make sure we developed our technical apparel line with a brand who shares similar values. The crew of avid mountain bikers and cyclists, passionate about what they are doing, eager to improve on the status quo. 7mesh likes to focus in on the details, refining the products until they are worth sharing with the world, making sure the products they’re offering deliver the best possible ride experience. It’s a process that’s not unlike how we develop our bikes. Whether it’s custom shock tunes or integrating the RIDE-9 adjustment system so riders can further tune their bike’s ride characteristics, we work relentlessly to give riders the best possible experience when out on the trail.

We’re excited about the new Coastal Collaboration pieces with 7mesh and we hope you are too!


Vancouver’s North Shore is a magical place. Across our three famous mountains lie hundreds of trails and built features, making it the perfect place to tackle everything from long days in the saddle to gnarly tech sections, to committing rock rolls. We’re proud to call this place our backyard.



The trails on Vancouver Island are known for pushing riders’ limits. Filled with punchy moves, slippery rock sections, and long commutes to and from the network, they demand fitness and finesse. It’s a cross-country rider’s paradise.


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RMB x 7Mesh: Coastal Collaboration

May 03, 2017

For the 2017 season we are launching the Coastal Collaboration with 7mesh Industries! The tightly focused collection features core 7mesh garments with Rocky Mountain design elements.

Both 7mesh and Rocky Mountain are British Columbia born and bred, and the rugged BC landscape has inspired and shaped the products that carry their logos. Only 40 kilometres separate Rocky Mountain in North Vancouver from 7mesh in Squamish, and the mountains between and around them offer the perfect riding and testing playground.

Coastal Collaboration

The coastal mix of terrain variety, seasonality, and of course the weather – mountains always see weather -- make this part of BC unique. Rain, sun, snow, wind, mud, rainforest, loam, and granite are all part of the cycling diet, sometimes all on the same ride.

Both Rocky Mountain and 7mesh have met the challenge of making gear which smooths the roughest trail, and makes a ride in the ugliest conditions comfortable. The Coastal Collaboration is a natural extension of those shared values, and the Rocky Mountain Bicycles Factory XC race team will be sporting this custom 7mesh apparel throughout the 2017 race season.



“We chose to work with 7mesh on our Coastal Collaboration as we share the same back yard,” said Scott Pilecki, Sports Marketing Coordinator at Rocky Mountain. “Both brands’ products respond to the demands of our challenging environments, and we see a likeness in how we approach designing and following through with our products. We are proud to offer this line-up to our fans."

One of the rules of building equipment for coastal British Columbia is that off-the-shelf won’t cut it, and both companies are experts in proprietary designs and custom solutions. Each of the styles in the collection has been built and re-patterned specifically to integrate Rocky Mountain design elements into 7mesh apparel without sacrificing any technical performance or protection. 

“Rocky Mountain is great people, great athletes, and great bikes made the Coastal Collaboration a joy for us,” said Brian Goldstone, 7mesh Director of Marketing. “As a newer cycling brand it’s an honour to partner with one of the most established and respected mountain bike brands in the business.”

The Coastal Collaboration riding apparel is available in limited quantities, exclusively through the Rocky Mountain Online Store and Rocky Mountain Dealers

Learn more about 7mesh at

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