Gully Storms the Castle

June 25, 2014

A group of sixteen invited freeride mountain bikers experienced an incredible week at the 2014 Suzuki Nine Knights in Livigno, Italy. In addition to heli, sunset, and sunrise shoots, riders explored the backcountry and freeride trails on Mottolino Fun Mountain.

Geoff Gulevich ("Gully") was a man on a mission to storm the castle, stomping a flip on the step up, airing huge on the hip, and flipping the tower drop on his Flatline. Super motivated, he was up at the crack of dawn for the freeride sessions and was more than happy when he earned himself a Nine Knights ring and the “Ruler of the Week” title.

Gully's other awards from the week:

  • Best Action Photo (by Christoph Laue)
  • Best Lifestyle Photo (by Markus Greber, with Andi Wittmann)
  • Best Illumination Photo (by Christoph Laue)

Event host Andi Wittmann (GER) was thrilled about the results of the week despite some difficult weather conditions. “I’m stoked that the teams were so motivated! The contest was quite different this year because of the new team concept and all the different riding styles, like enduro, big bike and freeriding.” The outcome at the award night was a true testament to the skill of the riders as well as the people behind the lenses.

Title Photo by Christoph Laue. Additional photos by Stéphane Candé.

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