Wade Simmons


Introducing the Instinct MSL

July 03, 2013

Instinct MSL
Trust it to own the trail

Named after its instinctive ability to tame a variety of terrain, the Instinct MSL is the perfect platform for epic exploration and now features SMOOTHWALL™ carbon construction (designated as “MSL”). RIDE-9™ makes it easy to precisely adjust the geometry and suspension, while its 130mm of SMOOTHLINK™ travel keeps you out of the weeds without bogging you down on the climbs.

Our design objective was to create an extremely versatile frame which meant including RIDE-9™ to adapt geometry and suspension characteristics to a rider’s preference. By including RIDE-9™, the Instinct’s headtube angle varies from 67.7° to 69.3° (66.7° to 68.3° on BC Edition), bottom bracket height varies from 329mm to 348mm (339mm to 358mm on BC Edition), and the suspension rate follows suit (the slacker you go, the more progressive it gets).

Our engineers chose 29 inch wheels for their ability to cover ground efficiently, and a slightly steepened seattube angle to create a bike that climbs aggressively. Throw in a well-defined design objective of getting the cockpit comfortable and agile for maneuverability and you’ll start to see what we mean by extreme versatility.

We designed the suspension layout to have enough support to be an efficient pedalling platform, yet swallow up big hits when the trail gets nasty. By doing this, we increased the versatility of the Instinct for riders looking for a bike that can tackle a 4 hour Marathon race on Saturday, blast through the burly trails on Sunday, and finish up with an all-day backcountry epic on Monday (long weekend eh!).


SMOOTHWALL™ - One of the most sophisticated carbon processes in the world aimed at delivering the best stiffness-to-weight ride quality and durability.

SMOOTHLINK™ - Neutral and active for full-time traction, and supportive for pedaling efficiency.

ABC™ Pivots - Lighter, more durable and laterally stiffer than conventional bearing systems.

RIDE-9™ - 9 different configurations put the rider in control of their geometry and suspension setup.

Key Features
  • 142mm E-Thru rear axle increases stiffness
  • Internal cable routing keeps cables neatly stowed, with service-friendly ports
  • ISCG-05 tabs give the option of running a rider’s chain device of choice
  • Internal “Stealth” dropper-post routing tucks the housing inside the frame for minimal clutter • BB92 pressfit bottom bracket provides maximum lateral stiffness
  • Frame Weight: 2350g / 5.18lbs (includes shock & hardware)


Instinct 970 MSL BC Edition
Built for our own selfish, smashy needs

We created the Instinct 970 MSL BC Edition to excel on the rugged, technical trails at our doorstep here on Vancouver’s North Shore. We tweaked the spec to better suit our local riding conditions and complemented it with a SMOOTHWALL™ carbon frame. The BC Edition is ready to plow through root-infested terrain and blast our (or your) favourite technical sections with ease.

Key Features
  • DH-width bars provide a more aggressive cockpit for increased control
  • Wider rims provide a bigger footprint, with more rubber on the trail and more wheel stiffness for confident cornering
  • Full Kashima-coated Fox package, featuring a 140mm travel 34 fork and Float CTD rear shock that has been specifically tuned for more aggressive, big hit performance
  • Avid 4 piston Trail brakes give more power and modulation for scrubbing speed when that impossibly steep chute leaves no other options
  • Chainguide and full aluminum bash guard keep things running smoothly when blasting down the trail
  • 142mm E-Thru rear axle increases stiffness
  • Internal cable routing keeps cables neatly stowed, with service-friendly ports
  • Internal “Stealth” dropper-post routing tucks the housing inside the frame for minimal clutter
  • BB92 pressfit bottom bracket provides maximum lateral stiffness


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July 03, 2013

Rocky Mountain's riders are a diverse bunch, and we take pride in that. Our Altitude platform is equally diverse, so with this Fourtitude video we set out to explore what four very different riders could bring to the Altitude 790 MSL.

Wade Simmons, Andreas Hestler, Thomas Vanderham and Geoff Gulevich all ride the 5.18 lb Altitude 790 MSL frame in the video. The Ride-9 system allows them to set their geometry and suspension rates up in a variety of ways. Wade runs it slackest; Thomas runs it in slacker & progressive (forward & down, aka "Vanderham Mode"); both Dre & Gully run the bike neutral & progressive (furthest down).

Wade wanted to showcase the kind of "steep & deep" technical riding that he enjoys on a daily basis. These natural steeps lurk on Vancouver's North Shore, but rarely see bikes that aren't full travel downhill rigs. We're pretty sure The Godfather would be stylish on an old 10-speed too, but it's always humbling to see him bring flow to the burliest lines.

Andreas "Dre" Hestler is an Olympian and has plenty of experience racing TransAlp and Enduro events, so it's no surprise that he coaxes blistering speed out of the Altitude. For Fourtitude he took it to Squamish, where he gunned for some Personal Bests on one of the nicest trail networks around.

Thomas Vanderham likes to take each new bike to Kamloops - a landscape he knows and loves, and the Altitude was no exception. For its maiden voyage he took it out for some true trail blasting, from corner slashing to his patented whips.

Geoff Gulevich is better known for his slopestyle riding, but he was excited to bring his playful approach to the Altitude. He decided to shoot his section on a short road trip through Oregon, where he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

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An Argentina Adventure

August 22, 2012

Sitting on the edge of the Andes, Bariloche is famous for its Catedral ski resort, the biggest in South America, and for its notoriously rugged backcountry terrain. After bouncing around various ideas of where we should take this year's Rocky Mountain adventure, we dug deeper and discovered that Bariloche has a burgeoning mountain bike scene with killer trails and passionate locals. That, and Argentina's warm sunshine in February sealed the deal.

The trip wasn't about finding big hucks, shredding scree slopes, heli-shuttles, or filming for a feature movie. It was about finding a true mountain bike adventure and sharing it with close friends.

So, we pulled together the team of Thomas Vanderham, Geoff Gulevich, Wade Simmons, and Andreas "Dre" Hestler, as well our very talented friends Margus Riga and Ambrose Weingart to capture the trip's visuals, and headed to the Southern Hemisphere. With the help of our amazing guides, Martin "Cepi" Raffo, Bojan Magister, and Gonzallo Serenelli, we found the adventure we had hoped for and much more. From the friendly and welcoming locals, to the jaw dropping natural beauty surrounding Bariloche and its world-class trails, we'll remember this trip for the rest of our lives.

When we travel together with our bikes and gear, we use the term "Shock and Awe" for the airport check-in experience. Seven guys with seven overweight bikes and gear bags is a sight to behold and Air Canada's check-in staff have come to know us well. Our trip down to Buenos Aires was smooth and we had a fun (too fun) night there before heading to Bariloche the next day. There, we met our amazing guides and we had enough time to get a quick rip in to work the cobwebs out from two days of travel.

Our first day of riding had us giddy - we knew we'd stumbled upon something big. It was so gratifying to come so far and be rewarded with such great riding and awe-inspiring terrain. The riding above the Catedral bike park had us feeling like we were riding on Mars with jagged red rock spires in the distance. The next day we climbed for two hours up to a refugio, which is a mountaineer's hut staffed year-round. With epic views of the lake and the Andes, we descended into what seemed like a natural bobsled track full of little drops and rock gardens. Another all-time day and further confirmation we hit the motherlode.

When we were above Catedral, we could see a snowcapped Volcano in the distance. We were told that soon we'd be riding almost all the way up the it in coming days. A three hour climb through rainforest, past huge waterfalls and incredible vistas put us into a glacial moonscape. We climbed and hiked in dense fog over volcanic rock up to over 7000 feet. Out of nowhere a refugio appeared, a welcome sight for a bunch of cold and tired guys. After a late night and lot of red wine, we were greeted by a bluebird morning and the realization we were on the edge of a massive glacier and in the middle of a mountain bike playground.

Right outside of the town of Bariloche is some of the sweetest ribbons of singletrack any of us had ever experienced. Not only that, but directly in town is a top quality shuttle zone that had us saying "one more run" over and over.

With the trip winding down, we simply had to get one dawn patrol ride checked off the list. We ascended in pitch-black darkness with headlamps to the top of a 3000 foot ridge and waited for the golden light to appear. The sunrise was worth the suffering. On our last day, we rode with locals on their home shuttle trails and it turned out to be the most fun day of the whole trip. Their warm spirit and big passion for mountain biking rubbed off on us and it was the perfect end to an unforgettable trip.

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