Andreas Hestler

Andreas "Dre" Hestler found his passion for mountain biking in 1986. After moving to Vancouver and embracing the life of a courier, he was introduced to racing and a new love was born. The next 20 years were a complete career: 13 years on the World Cup Circuit, World Championship and the Olympics, the lifestyle of a devoted athlete, but one who enjoyed the process and was aware of the other aspects of life.

Taking Canada and Rocky Mountain Bicycles to the Olympic debut of Mountain Biking in Atlanta (1996) ranks as one of Dre's most significant achievements, as will representing Canada as the National Champion and National Series winner 5 times. A true ambassador for the sport, a pioneer, a fierce competitor and an all around cyclist with wins on the road, mountain and cross bike, from Epic to short track and Super D, Dre has a two wheel gift, an engine and a personality to match.

In the last few years, after winning the Trans Rockies 3 times, Dre has turned to writing, guiding, exploring, and promoting events like the BC Bike Race, and of course they all happen on Rocky Mountain bikes.