Driving eMTB innovation. The Rocky Mountain Powerplay, powered by Dyname.
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"I probably just had the most fun in the past 5 years of mountain biking in the last 2 seconds. My mind is just racing with the idea of what's possible. "

Wade Simmons Godfather of Freeride
The numbers behind Dyname™ 3.0 development
10   years of research
80,000   hours of engineering
10 million   CAD invested
3   Patented technologies

Design freedom

Ride more, faster, further

While developing the first-ever Rocky Mountain eMTB, we refused to be held hostage by existing drive designs. We built the drive to fit the bike, not the other way around. For ten years, our engineers dreamed, created, tested and meticulously improved upon Dyname until they got it right. The Dyname drive is compact, powerful, and smooth. It facilitates pure, unbridled design freedom, as evidenced by the seamless integration of the RIDE-9 adjustment system.

Altitude Frameset
Altitude Powerplay Frameset

Design freedom in action

The Powerplay frames are not handcuffed to off-the- shelf drives. We put pivots where we want. We maximize our freedom in suspension design. We don’t start with no-fly zones as a result of 3rd party integration. Rocky Mountain’s engineering team enjoys a blank slate which ensures we can imagine, create, and—most importantly—ride the bike we want.

The drive system

Lower RPM

Dyname spins at 1200 RPM (1/4 the competition's speed). Less whine. More efficiency.

Tuned to the key of human

Specifically designed to an MTB-friendly cadence and real world singletrack riding. No spinning out.

Higher torque

Virtual quads kick in when you need them and stand down when you don't.

A motor's intuition

Seamless power modulation between drive and human. Dyname reads your rhythm and responds to your ride.

Proprietary design

Three patents. In-house customization. Limitless design freedom.

Better BB

The bottom bracket is part of the bike, not the drive. No creaking, less wear, and local shops can service it. We love local shops.

What makes Powerplay different?
A drive that responds immediately when you start. Intuitive everything. A sublime profile. More power. Tons of torque.
But where's the battery?
Fully integrated into downtube for lighter weight, increased durability and sweet aesthetics.
Force to the frame
Your pedalling force goes into the front triangle, not the drive. You can use real two-piece Race Face cranks, not eMTB cranks, as a result.
iWoc Remote
Compact. Bluetooth-enabled. All the info you need; none you don’t.
Customizable app
Escape the tyranny of factory settings. Pick your own levels of power-assist.
Get up and go
No response lag. You pedal, it goes.

The power behind the play

How far does it go?

It’s a question we hear about eMTB batteries all too often. The answer isn’t simple. Are you hammering flat fire roads, or turbo-lapping steep, technical singletrack? In the south of France on a warm summer day, or submerged in the deep dark dank of a North Shore winter? eMTB batteries can only take you as far as your legs go, but Powerplay elevates every rider to their potential.

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Ridiculous elevation

With proper power management, Powerplay will yield 1,800-2,000m of climbing (based on 102 kg rider).

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Charge it

Our rapid-charging battery gets you to 80% capacity up to 66% faster than the competition.

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Brawn, brains, and beauty

We care about aesthetics. Powerplay not only rides like a mountain bike. It looks like one too.

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Efficient energy

Powerplay's superior 48-volt system increases range when compared to the standard 36-volt battery featuring the same capacity.

Temps de charge

672 Wh

672 Wh battery

80% in 2:10, full charge in 3:50

632 Wh

632 Wh battery

80% in 2:05, full charge in 3:30

500 Wh

500 Wh battery

80% in 1:40, full charge in 2:50

Step on it

When you step on the pedals, the Dyname 3.0 drive delivers immediately. Competitive systems can exhibit lag, apply power too abruptly (causing wheel spin or loss of control), and generally introduce odd sensations to riding. With Powerplay, beginning on a hill is easier than ever. Getting up to speed is simple. Dyname's electro-mechanical torque sensor measures chain tension through movement of a magnetic field, providing instant input to the brain of the drive. Less lag. More power.

Dyname needs to crunch numbers quickly, and lend support to the rider even more rapidly. When the chain moves, Dyname reacts instantaneously. How? Every time the chain straightens out, a magnetic field sensor measures the chain position. This sensor measures 1000 times per second. This extreme sensitivity helps maintain traction on greasy trails, allows for subtle torque modulation on complex terrain, and produces a natural-feeling power output.

Torque response

Max Torque: 108Nm

  • Dyname 3.0 drive system
  • Rider
  • Competitors
Couple de sortie Temps (Arrêt au pédalage) Nous sommes sur la bonne voie, la concurrence est toujours en cours de traitement. Amplification
Couple de sortie Temps (Pédaler à roue libre) Gap signifie réponse retardée à l'entrée du pédalage (lag). Cela peut entraîner des coins poussés.
Ahead of the curve

The Dyname 3.0 Drive features class-leading power, and torque measuring in at a 108Nm*. This means you can crush steeper hill climbs faster, and accelerate like a speed demon. No strange pedalling sensations. Modulation so smooth you won’t even notice the RPMs kicked in.

*converted to a gear ratio of 1:1 crankset to chainring.

Drive power vs cadence

Max Power: 770W

  • Dyname 3.0 drive system
  • Rider
  • Competitors
Puissance mécanique (W) Cadence (RPM)
Puissance mécanique (W) Cadence (RPM)
Caractéristique Découvrez les Instinct Powerplay

L’Instinct Powerplay vous amènera là où vous n’auriez jamais cru aller. Quand vous partirez à la conquête des cimes épiques, vous irez plus loin et plus vite que jamais grâce à notre vélo de montagne électrique le plus polyvalent à ce jour.

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The history

Since 1981, Rocky Mountain Bicycles has lived at the foot of Vancouver's North Shore mountains, designing and testing mountain bikes in the rugged terrain that rises above.


In 2009, the concept for a revolutionary electric drive system was presented to the design team at the company’s headquarters in Beauce, Québec. The forward-thinking vision paralleled Rocky Mountain’s philosophies. Together, Propulsion Powercycle was created with the purpose of developing an innovative electric drive system which would be named Dyname.


Three years later, in 2012, the design team debuted an urban electric bike featuring the proprietary Dyname 2.0 drive. Shortly thereafter, we introduced North America to its first electric bike sharing program. At this point, Europe had embraced the e-bike. Consumers in North America were curious. Media was asking when we’d witness the first truly capable trail-ready eMTB. Rocky Mountain would provide the answer.


In early 2017, the Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay launched, featuring the third-generation Dyname 3.0 drive developed collaboratively between our research centres in Vancouver, B.C. and Beauce, Quebec. Vancouver handled the bike and Quebec developed the drive system. The Powerplay was on.


In 2019, the Powerplay family, powered by Dyname, expands to three platforms – Altitude Powerplay, Instinct Powerplay, and Growler Powerplay. From 27.5 to 29er. From hardtail to full suspension. Powerplay leads the way with diversity, quality and—most of all—a great ride.

Warranty information

Every Powerplay bike is warrantied against defects in materials and manufacturing.

We stand behind our products. We’ve increased the warranty on our electrical components from 24 months to 36 months, making it the best in the industry in terms of coverage length. This change is retroactive and will apply to all Powerplay models from their purchase date to present day, and into the future.

Catégorie Terme Remarques
Frame hardware 5 years Front triangle & rear triangle
Hardware 1 year Pivots, axles, etc...
Electronics 3 years Drive, iWoc, sensors, charger
Drive components 1 year Pulleys, pinions, transfer chain
Battery 2 years If stored for 3+ months, charge battery every 3 months. Failure to do so may cause damage.
Components As per original manufacturer warranty

* For more detailed battery warranty information, please reference the owner's manual available on bikes.com

Avertissement: If system is modified in any way, it can affect range and performance, and immediately voids the warranty.

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