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Catching Up with Jesse Melamed

November 16, 2015

Jesse tells Stan's Notubes about overcoming his injury and finshing the last two rounds of the EWS series; and how he's going to come back strong in 2016.

“Next year I want to be the best I can be. I’m not trying for anything but my best, although I’d like to get some more top 10 finishes in the EWS like the one I had in Ireland. I will train hard over the winter, but I also want to have fun - I’m still young, and I have plenty of years to reach the top step.”

- Jesse Melamed

Check out the full interview at notubes.com.

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2016 EWS Team World Champions

October 05, 2016

​Photos by Matt Wragg.

Nobody ever said it, but after being runner up in 2014 and 2015, the goal at the beginning of this season was to capture the team title. The Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally Team was gunning to be 2016 Enduro World Series Team World Champions.

EWS Round 1 Corral, Chile

Round #1 began with a flight to South America, and a few trips by boat to travel from our accommodation to the start of the race in Corral. The team would see 200km of riding between the four days of practice and racing, a big test of their off-season training. There was concern of a forest fire at one point, but when the smoke and the dust settled the team settled into their groove. It was a start much like the season would end in Finale, racing from the hilltops down to the ocean. 

  • Florian Nicolai — 5th
  • Alexandre Cure — 15th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 25th
  • Jesse Melamed — 36th
  • Sébastien Claquin, U21 — 2nd U21

EWS Round 2 Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina

We remained in South America for Round #2, Argentina. The race moved from the sea-side hills to the high Andes, with views and scenery to back it up. Argentina took dry and dusty to the next level, making grip and what was under the moon-dust unpredictable. We saw Remi Gauvin break into the lauded top 20 of this sport, and young Seb "The Claq" Claquin show he's got power and confidence when it gets rough. Jesse was carrying a shoulder injury, but pushed through.
  • Florian Nicolai — 12th
  • Alexandre Cure — 34th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 19th
  • Jesse Melamed — 48th
  • Sébastien Claquin — 1st U21

EWS Round 3 Wicklow, Ireland

It was time for a change of pace and to come back to Ireland where we've had good results, and incredible hospitality. Wicklow does a great job of using the little elevation they have to create a fun, technical course. Voted best race on the circuit last year, the fans really get into the race and make for a great atmosphere—nothing like hundreds of Irishmen screaming at you to motivate a sprint to the finish! With all five racers placing inside the Top 20, the Rally Team took 1st in the Team category and jumped into the lead for the team overall.

  • Florian Nicolai — 5th
  • Alexandre Cure — 10th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 19th
  • Jesse Melamed — 16th
  • Sébastien Claquin — 4th U21

Back to the towering mountains of Italy, in La Thuile, we saw the return of ALN (Andréane Lanthier Nadeau). She was out with an injury early in the season but was back and eager to race! With long punishing descents that would be more commonly ridden on a downhill bike, the La Thuile course put riders to the test. The big story this weekend was ALN. Maybe it was the espresso, or the pizza, but whatever fueled her hunger it worked, as Andreane landed on the 3rd step of the podium, proving that she has the speed and skills to play at the top!

EWS Round 4 La Thuile, Italy

  • Florian Nicolai — 5th
  • Alexandre Cure — 11th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 23rd
  • Jesse Melamed — 13th
  • Sébastien Claquin — 2nd U21
  • Andréane Lanthier Nadeau — 3rd

EWS Round 5 Aspen Snowmass, USA

The USA round is always a tough one for the Frenchies for whatever reason. Maybe the high altitude, or the different terrain, but we suspect it's the lack of baguettes, meat, and cheese. The tracks in Colorado are generally fast, tight, and loose—a big change from the steep, technical tracks of Italy. Flo and Alex pushed through to take respectable results, but it was Jesse who broke into the Top 10 for the first time. Another team win extended our lead on the category, and we headed north to Canada for the next round.

  • Florian Nicolai — 13th
  • Alexandre Cure — 26th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 12th
  • Jesse Melamed — 8th
  • Sébastien Claquin — 2nd U21
  • Andréane Lanthier Nadeau — 11th

EWS Round 6 Whistler, Canada

Whistler is our second home, and the first home of Jesse Melamed. The Crankworx EWS course is a monster of a race that takes a toll on both rider and bike, combining bike park and the raw, natural trails of Whistler and Blackcomb. Unfortunately another hand injury took ALN out for the rest of the season, so it was up to the five remaining riders to get it done. All the pressure or none, Jesse rode his race from beginning to end, knocking loudly on Richie Rude's door, and taking 2nd place! His first EWS podium, with family and friends surrounding him at the Whistler Village finish line. 

  • Florian Nicolai — DNF
  • Alexandre Cure — 105th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 12th
  • Jesse Melamed — 2nd
  • Sébastien Claquin — 2nd U21

EWS Round 7 Valberg-Guillaumes, France

The French side of the team was excited to return to their native soil. The legendary tracks in Valberg are steep, wild, and natural—an incredible venue for the penultimate race of the season. Alex and Flo bounced back from crashes and mechanicals in Whistler to take solid results in the maritime alps. "A lot of nose turn here at Valberg, it's really cool ride at home," said Flo. However, it was Jesse that stole the show, taking 3rd—backing up his podium in Whistler, and silencing any whispers of home track advantage. The Claq stayed consistent with another 2nd place finish in U21, and the whole team was fired up to bring it home. 

  • Florian Nicolai — 4th
  • Alexandre Cure — 10th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 24th
  • Jesse Melamed — 3rd
  • Sébastien Claquin — 2nd U21

EWS Round 8 Finale Ligure, Italy

A series of consistent results brought the Rally Team to Finalé sitting in top spot for the Team overall standings, but the overall win wasn't a sure thing. To make matters worse, Jesse was fighting a nasty illness. The whole team had to battle hard this weekend, but ultimately had a great race with three top 10s and the whole team finishing within the top 25.

  • Florian Nicolai — 8th
  • Alexandre Cure — 13th
  • Rémi Gauvin — 22nd
  • Jesse Melamed — 7th
  • Sébastien Claquin — 7th U21

In the dusty hills above the Mediterranean Sea, our little Rally Team took on all comers and sewed up the Enduro World Series Team Overall World Champion title! In the individual overall rankings Flo finished the year in 6th, Jesse in 9th, Rémi in 15th, and Alex in 17th. The Claq earned himself 2nd place in U21. By all measures a year we're massively proud of.

Mission complete. Finalé is a great place to finish the season. Whether you win or lose, you're at the beach in Italy, on the Mediterranean with great coffee and food, and your bike. This year we managed to win the Team Overall, and have some individual successes along the way. We'll look to come back next year with more determination, focus, and fun. 

Thank you to Florian Nicolaï, Jesse Melamed, Rémi Gauvin, Seb Claquin, Alex Cure, and ALN for an incredible year. Thanks to Lilian, Matthieu, Scott, and the rest of the crew—and thanks to Fred Glo for supporting this from the very beginning. The end of this season is bittersweet, with some of our favourite competitors retiring from racing. Salute to Anne Caroline Chausson, Nicolas Vouilloz, and Anka Martin for their contributions to mountain biking. It won't be the same without you on the circuit!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, who have supported us from the first pedal stroke and supply us with the best parts available: Urge Bike ProductsMaxxisShimanoFoxStan's NotubesFTI ConsultingRace FaceRoyal RacingEVOC bagsSmith OpticsVal d'AllosOne Up ComponentsClif Bar7 iDP, and WTB.

See you on track next year!

—Rocky Mountain Bicycles & Urge Bike Products

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Mountains as Far as the Eye Can See

July 20, 2016

Mountains, mountains, mountains. As far as the eye can see. We are definitely in the Alps…

Words by Remi Gauvin, photos by Matt Wragg

La Thuile 2016 will go down as the most descending in 4 days I have done to date. In those days we descended 15,000m, wore through brake pads, and made a short career of tires. We also had a lot of fun.

La Thuile is on the French-Italian border near the famous mountaineering towns of Chamonix and Courmayeur. Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe, loomed over most of the stages throughout the weekend, but the weather played nice.

Stages were almost all accessed by lift with the exception of stage one. This meant that while our legs were fresh at the start of each stage, the long steep runs were punishing on the rest of our bodies. Riders were complaining that their arms were dead by the end of each run. All stages were physical in their own way and each one had a solid dose of climbing. The energy we saved on the transfers was more than spent on the stages.

Stage 1 started across the valley from the ski resort, and was the one stage without chairlift access. We climbed Col San Carlo and then up into the alpine, 900 meters above La Thuile. The stage started with some typical tight European switchbacks before passing through grass fields and dropping into the woods below. Alex Cure and Andreane both finished 4th on this stage.

For Stage 2 we headed back to the lift and made our ascent to the start. This stage started in the alpine, flagged though rough rocks and gorse bushes, only burned in by the countless riders who were sent to ride through it. Next we cut through a farmers cattle field—in practice we'd encountered a herd of stubborn cattle here, and they could not give a damn if there was a bike race happening where they wanted to graze. Then, finally ending on an old access road that zig-zagged across the bottom of the hill. Andreane finished a career best 2nd place on this stage and Florian took 3rd in the men’s field.

Stage 3 was one of the fastest stages of the weekend, but also one of the longest, with a brutal climb at the bottom. Fast rock faces and high speed corners in the alpine, twisty woods in the middle, followed by some of the best steeps of the race. Just when you thought it might be all over the course turned a sharp right and sent us onto a gravel road pointing right back up the hill. During the race the crowds screamed at you to pedal, while your legs screamed at you to stop. Stage 3 one of the best of the weekend, but it was also one of the worst of the weekend.

A night off to reflect on the days racing went by quickly. Soon we were back on the top of the mountain about to drop into Stage 4—one of the longest and most physical stages of the race. It seemed that it was always just slightly flatter than you wanted.  A gravel road climb in the middle of the stage had me seeing red into the next section, and hanging on by a thread by the end of the stage. Andreane showed her fitness once again and backed up her first day with another 2nd place.

Stage 5, although not extremely physical, was very technical. Steep off camber sections meant that you had to be precise and patient in during the stage in order to shine. 

The final stage of the weekend stage had a mixture of the highlights of every stage of the race. Tight switch backs, technical off cambers, steep chutes and a solid climb in the middle of the stage. The bottom was lined with spectators as you entered the finish area. It was a great stage to finish the weekend on.

Florian Nicolaï said that although he was happy with his 5th place result, he didn’t perform his best in a few of the stages and it cost him. Nevertheless, his consistant performance bumped him up into 3rd place in the Overall category.

Jesse also felt that his 13th didn’t reflect his pace this weekend and a few mistakes on Stage 5 knocked him back in the overall. After injury troubles the last few rounds, it's great to see him smashing stages again.

Andreane was of course over the moon with her result. 3rd place in her first real race of the season!

Once again the team as a whole performed spectacularly. We were the number one team on the weekend and added 100 points to extend our lead in the Team Overall. Andreane finished a career-best 3rd, while Florian finished 5th in the men’s. Alex finished 11th, Jesse 13th and I finished 23rd. Seb also took 2nd place in U21, keeping pace in his season-long battle with Adrien Dailly.

Next stop, Aspen!

— Remi Gauvin

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Flo Like Water

March 06, 2016

Florian Nicolaï is one of the most creative riders on the EWS circuit. His unique style threatens the podium at every race he enters. The Maritime Alps are home to some of the most technical tracks in the world, and working on this project over the winter showed us just how good Flo really is.

"This part of the world is the birthplace of Enduro. The Maitime Alps have produced some of the best riders on the planet, like Nico Vouilloz, Fabien Barel, Loic Bruni, and many others. The terrain and the culture make the difference—the trails have been here for centuries and were not made to ride, but to walk. So when you can find the flow here you’re a damn good rider." — Fred Glo, Godfather of Enduro & Owner of Urge bp

"Flo is insane. I don't understand half the stuff he does, but it's fun to watch!" — Jesse Melamed, Rally Team teammate

"Flo is a weirdly fast alien on a bike. He's got creative trail vision, and is one of the first riders coming up to have started out as a pure Enduro racer. Even after two strong EWS seasons taking 5th and 4th place overall, you get the feeling he's hungry for more results. Can't wait to see how this season unfolds." — Brian Park, Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Watch for Flo and the rest of our Rally Team throughout the entire Enduro World Series season. See you on track!

Rider: Florian Nicolaï
Bike: Altitude Rally Edition
Filmed by: Variable Visual, Sébastien Biget, & TS-Drone
Edited & Produced by: Brian Park
Photos by: Matt Wragg
Presented by: Rocky Mountain Bicycles & Urge bp
Supported by: Shimano, Maxxis Tires, Fox Racing Shox, Stan’s NoTubes, Race Face Performance Products, Royal Racing, 7 idp, FTI Consulting, Smith Optics, WTB, OneUp Components, Clif Bar, Evoc, Val d’allos
Music: Azad Right — Son of Sam
Thanks to: Fred Glo, Gaetan Riou, Matt Wragg

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L'équipe Rally Sur Le Dernier Podium

October 06, 2014

Après avoir accompli 7 courses incroyables, on ne peut pas être plus fiers de notre jeune équipe Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally qui remporte la 2ième place dans la catégorie Équipes du Enduro World Series.

Le dernier parcours à Finale Ligure était vraiment rocailleux, avec un panorama Méditerranéen à couper le souffle. L'équipe a toutefois réussi à bien se concentrer pour terminer la saison en grand!


Merci à Florian Nicolaï, Alexandre Cure, Jesse Melamed et Isabeau Courdurier pour leurs incroyables exploits cette année, ainsi que Lilian, Nico, Peter, Maurian, Jordan et tous les autres ayant participé à ce commun effort. Un merci très spécial à Fred Glo et Chris Ball pour une super saison de course.

L'équipe n'aurait pas pu y arriver sans le fidèle support de ses commanditaires. Merci à:

Produits Urge Bike, Shimano, Maxxis, Stan's NoTubes, Fox Racing Shox, Raceface, Royal Racing, 7 IDP, WTB, Smith Optics, Cane Creek, e13, Honey Stinger, Kicking Horse, FTI Consulting, et Val d'Allos.

Photos par Matt Wragg, dont les images nous ont gardé en admiration totale des Courses Enduro, toute l'année.

Précédent Caractéristique Le Sentier Stoneman Le sentier Stoneman est situé au cœur des Dolomites , le fruit de l'ancien champion de VTT Marathon Roland Stauder .
Prochain Nouvelle Teamfahrer gesucht! Bewirb dich für die Saison 2015 als Expert oder Friend im Craft-Rocky Mountain Team, lebe unser Motto „love the ride“ und werde Teil einer einzigartigen Mannschaft!

Altitude Sickness — Highs & Lows at EWS #5: Winter Park, Colorado

August 06, 2014

Photos par Matt Wragg. Texte par Isabeau Courdurier.

Après avoir lancé la saison au Chili ainsi que plusieurs autres courses en Europe, l'Enduro World Series s'est déplacé sur le continent Nord-Américain. À plus de 10 000 pieds d'élévation à Winter Park au Colorado, cette course promettait d'être l'une des plus difficiles de la saison au niveau physique. Ayant enduré un enfer en voyageant pendant près de 36 heures, l'équipe Rocky Mountain Urge bp Rally s'est réunie à Denver, mais les vélos ne se sont pas rendus. Trois jours avant une course, ce genre de situation élève rapidement le niveau de stress, sans mentionner l'aéroport de Denver rempli de Français qui s'énervaient beaucoup trop.

Une fois rendus à Winter Park, nous avons rejoint le reste de l'équipe: Peter, venant tout droit de l'Alaska, Jordan de Whistler et Francesco du Chili. Éventuellement, nos vélos sont arrivés à destination.


Le réchauffement nous donne généralement une bonne idée si la course sera pénible ou non, et je m'inquiétais déjà à l'étape 1. Le plat de celle-ci fût un massacre pour moi! Le reste de l'équipe a aussi eu de la difficulté, et seulement Flo et Jesse ont pu se classer dans le top 30.

L'étape 2 était beaucoup plus technique et nous avons pu récupérer du temps, mais à la fin de la journée, les résultats étaient tout aussi décevants: Flo est arrivé 16ième et Jesse en 21ième place, alors qu'Alex et Peter devaient pousser plus fort pour faire le top 50.


L'étape 3 a débutée avec une section rocailleuse et beaucoup plus inclinée qui me convenait plutôt bien, mais s'en est suivie d'une section longue avec un plat où j'ai eu peine et misère à pédaler et conserver les gains que j'avais fait. L'étape 4 quant à elle était très courte, sans aucune ascension, et c'est ainsi que je me suis mérité mon premier podium d'étape de la saison - 3ième position!

C'est extrêmement difficile de respirer à cette altitude, et le terrain est vraiment différent de ce à quoi nous sommes habitués en tant que coureurs. Pendant que Jesse accomplissait une bonne journée; 9ième, 14ième et 6ième, Flo et Alex quant à eux avaient de la difficulté à garder la forme.

Rendus à la 5ième étape, nous étions tous exténués. Alex est tombé parce qu'il a “vu deux arbres alors qu'il y en avait seulement qu'un”, mais a réussi à remonter en 7ième place pour cette étape. Malgré tout, nous avons amélioré nos résultats en tant qu'équipe aujourd'hui, la journée la plus difficile de la course.


L'étape 6 a fait toute une controverse pour les coureurs. La plupart d'entre nous avaient l'impression que le parcours de Cross-Country plat et lisse à 10 000 pieds d'altitude ne respectait pas les standards établis des autres excellents parcours et étapes des courses EWS précédentes cette année. Alors que j'étais déjà hors de mon élément, j'ai manqué le ruban et je me suis retrouvé hors-parcours, ce qui m'a coûté encore plus de temps pour cette étape. Tous les autres on poursuivi et on été capable de maintenir leur position.

Finalement, la 7ième et dernière étape de la fin de semaine prenait lieu sur Trestle Downhill, de loin l'étape la plus technique et agressive de tout le weekend, et définitivement la meilleure façon de terminer la course! Nous avons tous eu un bon parcours, avec Flo qui s'est mérité la 6ième place, Jesse en 10ième position, Alex 18ième et Jordan 30ième. Quant à moi, j'étais vraiment content de ma 7ième place pour cette étape.

Après une fin de semaine exténuante, notre Canadien Jesse a été le plus rapide de l'équipe et  s'est classé en 15ième place, une position bien méritée! Pour aller de l'avant, il est clair que notre équipe doit s'améliorer pour devenir une menace pour le podium lorsque les course sont très physiques, surtout en altitude. À chaque fois nous gagnons de l'expérience à bien savoir gérer notre énergie et maximiser les gains de temps.

Bientôt, c'est dans la ville natale de Jesse qu'on se retrouve pour profiter d'un des endroits les plus prisés dans le monde du vélo. Les deux prochaines semaines seront remplies d'aventures et de moments mémorables, et nous avons tous hâte à cet arrêt du Enduro World Series; Crankworks!


Chaque membre de l'équipe utilise un Rocky Mountain Altitude MSL édition Rallye, avec des composantes et des chaussures Shimano, des pneus Maxxis, des roues Stan's No Tubes, une suspension de qualité Fox et des cockpits Race Face. Nous portons des casques Urge bp Archi Enduro et Endur-O-Matic, et avons la chance d'être supportés par des commanditaires clés tels que Cane Creek pour nos jeux de direction, e13 pour nos guides-chaînes, Honey Stinger pour nos gels énergétiques, la compagnie Kicking Horse Coffee, les consultants FTI et le Centre de Ski Val d'Allos.

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Grand succès pour l'équipe Rally au Chili !

April 21, 2014

Première course du circuit Enduro World Series (EWS) et premier podium pour notre nouvelle équipe Rocky Mountain Urge pb Rally!

Positive et confiante, notre équipe s'est rendue au Chili pour participer à la première course EWS de la saison. Le canadien Jesse Melamed s'est joint à nos riders français Florian Nicolai, Isabeau Courdurier et Alex Cure pour affronter les plus grands riders mondiaux. Après deux jours à parcourir des sentiers parmi les plus impressionnants et uniques, Florian s'est particulièrement démarqué lors de la dernière étape, où il a dépassé Martin Maes au classement pour atteindre le 3e rang de la compétition. Il se classe derrière Jerome Clementz et Jared Graves.

Les résultats finaux de l'équipe :

  • Florian Nicolai – 3e position
  • Isabeau Courdurier – 5e position
  • Alex Cure – 7e position
  • Jesse Melamed – 30e position (revenant en force après plusieurs chutes)

L'équipe roule sur des vélos Rocky Mountain Altitude 770 MSL Rally Edition (composantes et chaussures Shimano, pneus Maxxis, roues Stan's NoTubes, suspensions premium Fox, guidon et potence Raceface) et porte les casques Urge bp Archi Enduro et Endur-O-Matic. Elle est aussi appuyée par les commanditaires suivants : Royal Racing Clothing, 7 IDP Protection, WTB Saddles, Smith Optics, Cane Creek headsets, e13 chainguides, Honey Stinger energy gels, Kicking Horse coffee, FTI Consulting et la station de ski Val d'Allos.

Félicitations à tous, nous nous reverrons en Écosse pour la deuxième course du Enduro World Series.

Photos par Matt Wragg.

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