Welcome to the Team Carson Storch

January 06, 2016

We are proud to sign Carson Storch to our freeride program. The two-year deal will see Carson compete at a full schedule of slopestyle and freeride events across the globe. He will also be involved in several high profile film projects.

Carson is unique because he rides at such a high level in both slopestyle and big mountain—and he tears it up on trail bikes too. He’ll be a great ambassador for our brand. 

"Rocky Mountain has always represented freeride, and is a company that I am proud to ride for," said Carson. "The bikes are awesome, the team is awesome, and they have been very welcoming. I'm happy to start a new chapter in my career with them."

Carson had the opportunity to work with our engineering team to build a custom slopestyle bike in our North Vancouver prototype lab. He will ride a carbon Maiden for the Red Bull Rampage and other big mountain events, as well as a carbon Altitude for trail riding.

We have a deep history in freeride, sponsoring the first freeride team back in 1995. Carson joins Rocky Mountain alumni Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, Geoff Gulevich, and Brett Tippie.

Cheers bud, welcome to the team!

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Gully prend d'assaut l'événement

June 25, 2014

Un groupe invité, constitué de 16 bikers freeride en vélo de montagne, a connu une semaine incroyable à l'événement Suzuki Nine Knights 2014 à Livigno en Italie. En plus des tournages en hélicoptère, au lever et au coucher du soleil, les riders ont pu explorer le 'backcountry' et les trails freeride sur Mottolino, une montagne vraiment amusante.

Geoff Gulevich (''Gully'') n'avait qu'un seul et unique objectif; prendre d'assaut l'événement en écrasant la compétition en effectuant un flip sur le step up, en plus d'un saut énorme sur le hip et d'un saut en rotation à partir de la tour, aux commandes de son Flatline. Il était si motivé qu'il se levait à l'aube afin de participer aux sessions freeride et il était plus que content lorsqu'il s'est mérité une bague Nine Knights et le titre de “Champion de la semaine”.

Les autres prix que Gully s'est mérité au cours de la semaine:

  • Meilleure photo d'action (par Christoph Laue)
  • Meilleure photo lifestyle (par Markus Greber, avec Andi Wittmann)
  • Photo avec le meilleur éclairage (par Christoph Laue)

L'hôte de l'événement Andi Wittmann (Allemagne) était heureux des résultats de la semaine malgré les conditions météorologiques difficiles. “Je suis vraiment content que les équipes aient été aussi motivées! Le concours était totalement différent cette année puisque le concept en équipe était nouveau et qu'il y avait une grande variété de catégories de conduite telles que Enduro, Gros vélo et Freeride''. Le résultat constaté à la soirée de la remise des prix fut un véritable témoignage des qualifications de haut-niveau tant du côté des riders que derrière l'objectif.

Photo titre par Christoph Laue. Photos additionnelles par Stéphane Candé.

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July 03, 2013

Rocky Mountain's riders are a diverse bunch, and we take pride in that. Our Altitude platform is equally diverse, so with this Fourtitude video we set out to explore what four very different riders could bring to the Altitude 790 MSL.

Wade Simmons, Andreas Hestler, Thomas Vanderham and Geoff Gulevich all ride the 5.18 lb Altitude 790 MSL frame in the video. The Ride-9 system allows them to set their geometry and suspension rates up in a variety of ways. Wade runs it slackest; Thomas runs it in slacker & progressive (forward & down, aka "Vanderham Mode"); both Dre & Gully run the bike neutral & progressive (furthest down).

Wade wanted to showcase the kind of "steep & deep" technical riding that he enjoys on a daily basis. These natural steeps lurk on Vancouver's North Shore, but rarely see bikes that aren't full travel downhill rigs. We're pretty sure The Godfather would be stylish on an old 10-speed too, but it's always humbling to see him bring flow to the burliest lines.

Andreas "Dre" Hestler is an Olympian and has plenty of experience racing TransAlp and Enduro events, so it's no surprise that he coaxes blistering speed out of the Altitude. For Fourtitude he took it to Squamish, where he gunned for some Personal Bests on one of the nicest trail networks around.

Thomas Vanderham likes to take each new bike to Kamloops - a landscape he knows and loves, and the Altitude was no exception. For its maiden voyage he took it out for some true trail blasting, from corner slashing to his patented whips.

Geoff Gulevich is better known for his slopestyle riding, but he was excited to bring his playful approach to the Altitude. He decided to shoot his section on a short road trip through Oregon, where he had a few tricks up his sleeve.

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