Revue de presse

Revue de presse

Pinkbike's first look at the new Thunderbolt

March 26, 2018

"It certainly doesn't feel like a cross-country bike – it's not intended to – but it does have the pedaling potency that Rocky's bikes are quickly becoming known for...rear suspension is efficient, as expected, and it feels a lot like 130mm should feel; it's supple on top despite the on-power competence, but is much, much more forgiving than bikes sporting just 10mm less squish." - Mike Levy, Pinkbike Technical Editor

Pinkbike's Mike Levy was one of a select few journalists to get an advance look at our new Thunderbolt. Head over to Pinkbike to see the rest of his initial impressions. 

Précédent Caractéristique Investir son temps : une entrevue avec Peter Ostroski Peter Ostroski chevauche des vélos Rocky Mountain depuis très longtemps, que ce soit pour le plaisir ou la compétition. Il a gravi les échelons : il a commencé en obtenant une commandite locale, puis a fini par représenter notre marque aux Enduro World Series. Il fait partie de notre équipe de course enduro depuis sa création, à l’époque de l’équipe Altitude. Il nous raconte ses derniers mois assez chargés.
Prochain Caractéristique Le tout nouveau Vertex Le Vertex respire la rapidité et la confiance, trônant fièrement comme fleuron de nos vélos semi-rigides conçus pour les épreuves de XC.
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First ride on the new Altitude

April 26, 2017

"When losing altitude, it’s so goddamn balanced, and holy crap does it grip. About two-thirds of the Altitude’s rear wheel travel is very active and linear. When setup with the quick rebound (like it should be), you can load the suspension into corners, achieve incredible grip, and then pop right back out without losing any speed. I know I can’t roost like Vanderham, but the Altitude makes me feel like I’m doing it exactly like him."

Bike Magazine's Ryan Palmer was one of a select few journalists to get an advance look at our new Altitude. Head over to Bike Mag to see the rest of his first impressions.

Précédent Nouvelle RMB x 7Mesh: Coastal Collaboration For the 2017 season we are launching the Coastal Collaboration with 7mesh Industries! The tightly focused collection features core 7mesh garments with Rocky Mountain design elements.
Prochain Nouvelle Le nouvel Altitude Menez la catégorie trail bike vers de nouveaux sommets. Souvent imité, jamais surpassé : le tout nouveau modèle Altitude repousse les limites du vélo de trail moderne.
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Thunderbolt & Altitude Lauded at the Bible of Bike Tests

January 27, 2016

We're honoured to have two bikes selected to be in Bike Magazine's 2016 Bible of Bike Tests. Both the Altitude 770 MSL and the Thunderbolt 799 MSL were lauded by testers, and we're proud of how they stack up against the competition.

Altitude 770 MSL

"Compared to some of the other all-mountain bikes, it felt downright ethereal. This was refreshing and liberating when it came time to hump uphill, and the Altitude has the steep seat angle and clean suspension kinematics to hustle upward with an ease that will endear it to XC racers and all-day climbers alike. The absence of heft and sense of balance persisted when pointed downhill too, making for a nimble ride aided by neutral handling and an effective, supple suspension."

Full Round Table video, review, and Q&A here.


Thunderbolt 799 MSL

We've been blown away by all the ladies ripping it up on the Thunderbolt, so for this year's Bible of Bike Tests we floated the idea of their women's bike testers evaluating it. We had them try the top-of-the-line 799 MSL model just to be cheeky, but don't worry: we make Thunderbolts across most price points.

"It “climbs like a cheetah on speed,” wrote one tester, while another noted: “This bike is built to go fast." (...) The XC-trail nature of the Thunderbolt was a perfect match for the Kingdom Trails network, which largely consists of buttery-smooth dirt ribbons twisting through tight trees, with an occasional root section mix in, and short, punchy climbs and descents. The 27.5-inch wheels, 16.6-inch chainstays and 44-inch wheelbase (size medium) no doubt aided in the Thunderbolt’s exceptional maneuverability through the forest mazes, and its rocket-like acceleration points to its astounding 25.5-pound weight. Testers also remarked that the bike descended with more authority than expected, with its 120 millimeters of rear travel feeling deeper than the number purports."

Full Round Table video, review, and Q&A here.

Précédent Nouvelle Bonne chance Raphaël Gagné ! Nous tenons à remercier Raphaël Gagné pour ses neuf saisons de dévouement à la course et à notre marque. Je vous souhaite souhaiter le meilleur en 2016 et au-delà!
Prochain Nouvelle Rocky Mountain Supports Endure Nepal Film A women's mountain bike adventure film documenting travel to Langtang Valley, Nepal, to rebuild after the earthquakes of 2015.
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Bike Mag's Thunderbolt BC Dream Build

December 03, 2015

Bike Magazine's Brice Minnigh selected our Thunderbolt BC Edition as the platform for his 2016 "Dream Build."

"When it came to choosing my dream build, I approached the privilege as literally as I could: I picked the bike that had pervaded my dreams the most over the past year" said Brice. "And while a small handful of bikes have crept into my dream space in recent months, none of them have left such an indelible impression as the Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 790 MSL BC Edition."

Read the full spec breakdown of Brice's Chromag-adorned Thunderbolt over on!

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Prochain Caractéristique Bike For A Buck Charity Auction
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Le magazine Bike Mag acclame le vélo Thunderbolt MSL

January 14, 2015

"Pourquoi est-ce que deux de nos éditeurs ont choisi le Thunderbolt 790 MSL BC Edition de Rocky Mountain comme leur favori de l'édition 2015 de La bible des tests de vélos? Eh bien, tout d'abord parce qu'il grimpe avec la vitesse d'un éclair lancé directement par Zeus, et le déploiement spectaculaire de ce feu d'artifice est justement suivi par le lourd grondement de l'éclair alors qu'il file à toute allure et affronte les descentes ardues avec toute la force d'un vélo all-mountain muni d'un jeu de suspension de 6 pouces.

— Bike Magazine, 2015 Bible of Bike Tests

Lisez l'article complet sur ou dans l'édition du Bike Magazine du mois de Janvier.

Précédent Nouvelle Hestler Talks Thunderbolt MSL It's clear that the lightweight, playful 120mm bike is right in his wheelhouse.
Prochain Caractéristique Pouvez-vous Utiliser un 'Fat Bike' en Freeride? Le vélo FAT FREE a découlé de quelques journées à expérimenter et à mettre le Blizzard à l'épreuve dans les montagnes côtières de la Colombie-Britannique.
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October 04, 2013

Avec de telles caractéristiques, on ferait confiance à l’Altitude 770 MSL pour exceller dans n’importe quelle course enduro. Ses technologies donnent un avantage considérable sur le terrain – c’est tout simplement le plus rapide !Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

Lire l’article complet.

Voir nos vélos Altitude Édition Rally.

Précédent Features Wade Simmons at the Inaugural Red Bull Rampage In 2001 it was the Red Bull Rampage that gave the Freeride movement a platform to showcase itself on a world stage. Here are Wade Simmons' runs, from "Retrospective: Red Bull Rampage" by Freeride Entertainment. See if you can spot a young Thomas Vanderham in there too!
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