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  • Instinct BC Edition

    Stable and aggressive, the Instinct is our most versatile trail bike.

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    Rocky Mountain Powerplay

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Whether it’s a trail you skipped out on or an area you didn’t have time to see, the things you didn’t do can be as motivating as the things you did.


The Instinct Powerplay will take you to the places you never thought possible. When it comes time to head out the door that epic ride into the alpine, you'll be riding further and faster than ever before on what is our most versatile e...


From Kananaskis Country to the Ghost, the rides on the leading slopes of the Canadian Rockies are not to be missed.

Altitude Alloy 50

Quick Specs
  • Aggressive Trail
  • 160mm Front Travel
  • 27.5" Wide Trail Tires
  • 150mm Rear Travel
  • FORM™ alloy

Taking trail to new heights. Often imitated but never surpassed, the all-new Altitude pushes the envelope of what a modern trail bike is capable of.

Instinct Alloy 70

Quick Specs
  • Trail
  • 140mm Front Travel
  • 29" Wide Trail Tires
  • 140mm Rear Travel
  • SMOOTHWALL™ Carbon

Trust your Instinct. Stable and aggressive, the Instinct is our most versatile trail bike.

Element Alloy 50

Quick Specs
  • Aggressive Trail
  • 120mm Front Travel
  • 29" Tires
  • 120mm Rear Travel
  • Form™ Alloy

Be in your Element. This is the result of over two decades at the front of the pack.

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The Rocky Mountain Development Centre is nestled at the foot of the Vancouver's North Shore mountains, home to some of the world's most diverse and rugged terrain. We've been developing high performance mountain bikes here since 1981.

Many things have changed since we first opened our doors, but our product developers, engineers, marketing nerds, salespeople, and athletes are still a tight-knit crew that works and plays in these mountains. From local trail days to backcountry adventures, we're all here for a reason: we love mountain biking.

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