Wade Simmons

Wade is the undisputed Godfather of Freeride. Hands down. You’d be hard-pressed to find a mountain bike publication that doesn’t feature or mention the man who essentially defined freeride and embodies the soul of the sport. He is the inaugural Red Bull Rampage Champion, and he might just be the most stylish and fluid rider to ever hit the North Shore.

In 2010 Wade was inducted to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame alongside original Froriders Brett Tippie and Richie Schley, the first freeriders ever inducted.

Despite having appeared in countless movie parts throughout the sport's defining years—from the Kranked series to the legendary Ride To The Hills—, Wade hasn't rested on his Elder Statesman status. He still works with the best cinematography outfits in the business. In 2012 his section in Anthill Films' acclaimed movie Strength In Numbers took viewers on an alpine adventure through the Swiss alps.

If he wasn’t such a nice guy, you’d hate him for being so good.

You can try following Wade @wadevsimmons Your chances are better at the Fromme trail head.