A Tall Tale – Perception is reality on the new Instinct

March 08, 2021

From exaggerated stories of blissful alpine singletrack to rubbing elbows with the pros, everyone has “that friend” whose tales from the trail are too good to be true. But this story feels different. They're telling it with confidence and you’ve heard their new Instinct has them riding trails in a whole new way. Your friend has always been a good rider, but have they really transformed their riding completely?

Go with your gut on this one - Trust your Instinct. That’s what your friend did and it’s working for them.

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Kevin Calhoun
Felix Burke
Thomas Vanderham

Video by: Scott Secco
Photography by: Margus Riga

Music: “Walt Whitman”
Performed by Trampled by Turtles

Tags: Instinct

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